Secure Customer
Data Onboarding

Customer onboarding is a great tool for marketers. It can allow you to retarget prospects, build lookalike audiences, and even exclude past customers from new promotions.

Whatever the use case, you want to ensure that you onboard your customer data in a secure manner. One of the best ways to do this is by using a hashing algorithm. In the most simple terms, a hashing algorithm uses a mathematical formula to convert one value (or string like an email address) into another value or string in a unique way such that the original value or string cannot be reversed engineered. The most commonly used algorithm for this use case is known as MD5.

Audiohook provides a free tool below, where a list of emails can be hashed safely and quickly. Most importantly all of this happens right on your computer (in the browser) so the data is never sent to any of our servers. Simple drag and drop or upload a csv or txt file below.