Audio Advertising for Performance Marketers

Audiohook enables performance marketers to unlock additional profitable growth using digital audio as a new channel.  Whether that's retargeting potential customers, building lookalike audiences, or creating custom targeting.  Audiohook empowers marketers to measure and attribute digital audio and open up new growth.

You're in good company

Purpose Built for Digital Audio

Consumers interact with audio in a unique way. Different than display, video, social and search. Marketers deserve a platform that unleashes the true power of audio.

We built Audiohook to not only be the most performant audio platform, but to be the most performant advertising platform ever.

Your ad spend says #ThankYou

Advanced Audience Targeting

Move beyond basic digital targeting options such as geography and start leveraging advanced audience modeling.

Premium Streaming and Podcast Inventory

Access the largest supply of digital audio inventory including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, SoundCloud and many more.

Closed Loop Attribution

Say goodbye to tracking faulty promo codes and guesswork analysis and hello to measurable KPIs such as return on ad spend.

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