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Audio Advertising Built for Scale

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Measureable Results

You're job is hard enough without the hassle of trying to track promo codes, interpret gross rating points, let alone try and figure out the contribution to sales.

You can be confident that the dollars you invest are being accurately measured and delivering a return to your bottom line.

Privacy Safe

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In an era where privacy is paramount, Audiohook prioritizes the safety of user data. Our stringent privacy measures ensure that your advertising efforts align with the highest standards of data protection, building trust with your audience.

Patent Pending Technology

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Experience advertising innovation like never before with Audiohook's patent-pending technology. Our cutting-edge solutions redefine the industry landscape, offering you a unique advantage in delivering impactful and memorable audio experiences to your target audience.

Closed Loop Attribution

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Navigate the intricate web of advertising impact seamlessly with our Closed Loop Attribution.Understand the journey from impression to conversion,empowering your marketing strategy with insights that drive meaningful engagement and results.

Transparency Reporting

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Transparency is at the core of our commitment to you. With Audiohook's transparent reporting, gain clear visibility into the performance of your campaigns. We provide comprehensive analytics, ensuring you'realways informed and in control of your advertising endeavors.

Hear what others have to say

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At Kerrits, we have been amazed at the results of our Audiohook ads! Programmatic audio advertising is something we had never even considered; we assumed it was too expensive, too complicated to produce, and too difficult to measure. Audiobook has the answer for all three of those roadblocks. They’ve made the pricing competitive with other digital advertising, they can take care of recording and production in a single day, and they provide a complete dashboard of metrics with orders tracked back directly to listeners of the ad. Best of all, the ROAS has been consistent with our other paid ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to exploring more possibilities with Audiohook in the coming year.

Sara Florin
Senior Director of Branding & Marketing
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From script writing, to targeting, to reporting, Audiohook’s expertise has made getting started with audio advertising a walk in the park. Just a few days after launching we saw an immediate bump in-store sessions and a very impressive ROAS. The team at Audiohook was also kind enough to provide us with a conversion lift analysis - showing us exactly how much of an impact these ads played in the customer journey while the campaign was running. As a brand that’s never explored audio advertising before, we were super impressed with how audio complemented our media mix and gave our new-to-brand customers that extra lift they needed.

Nic Politi
Marketing Specialist
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We were looking for new ways to reach consumers in places where they are spending their time. Audiohook provided us that opportunity within the podcast space. We were able to work with them to greatly expand our reach and drive additional sales to our website. And they did all of this profitably, driving $5 for every $1 we spent. We are very pleased with the additional reach we got and the amount of sales we were able to drive using Audiohook.

Rod Pettingill
Director of Marketing
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We had a great experience working with Audiohook. In the past we had attempted to advertise on audio platforms, but consistently had issues with tracking conversions and seeing a return on our investment. Audiohook, on the other hand, has a robust platform that tracks everything you need in, as if you were advertising on Google or Facebook. We’ve now seen the data that shows audio advertising is worth it to continue investing in. Audiohook’s team is dedicated and friendly. They are easy to communicate with, and developed a successful campaign for us with a great return. If you’ve ever felt like audio advertising wasn’t worth your time, think again, and go with Audiohook to launch your next audio campaign.

Mary Wall
Head of Communications
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Audiohook has been great to work with, unveiling an advertising channel I never considered and proving it to be profitable. As Google Ads and Facebook become more and more crowded, audio advertising is definitely an untapped gem!

Roman Zrazhevskiy
Founder & CEO
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We were looking to expand our advertising channels this past year and when Audiohook reached out to us. We had been interested in audio ads, but other platforms didn't seem like the right fit. We were very impressed with Audiohooks ability to track conversions, as conversions are a good metric for overall campaign success. This was very important because it allowed us to track our main KPI, ROAS through their dashboard. Over the past few months, Audiohook has exceeded our ROAS goal by 3x and we will continue to include them in our advertising mix. From the onboarding process to the scriptwriting, Audiohook allowed us to keep our authentic brand voice while offering helpful information for a brand that is fairly new to the audio advertising space.

Kayse Brunell
Advertising Manager

Audiohook is trusted by marketers from brands you know and love.