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Audio Advertising for Performance Marketers

Audiohook enables performance marketers to unlock additional profitable growth using digital audio as a new channel.  Whether that's retargeting potential customers, building lookalike audiences, or creating custom targeting.  Audiohook empowers marketers to measure and attribute digital audio and open up new growth.

Getting Started with Audiohook is Easy


Choose A Trigger

Getting started with Audiohook is super easy. Simply get started by choosing a trigger, which can be any event or condition. What's more, Audiohook integrates with more than 2,000 applications via Zapier so you can pick events that happen in the applications you already use.  Here are just a few examples:

  • A new lead is added to your CRM
  • A prospect opens your email
  • A customer does curbside pickup at your store
Audio Message

Add a Message

Audiohook makes sending audio messages as easy as sending an email.  Don't worry about sound engineering or audio production, we take care of it all.  Simply provide the text and we'll handle the rest.

Within 24 hours, we'll send you a link so you can hear your audio message.  Once you've approved it, your automations are instantly live.

“Wow, Audiohook made the process super slick.  Very easy to setup and the audio messages sound great.  It is a key part of our marketing stack.”

Steve Barney, Managing Director at Eurosports Automotive

Audio Platforms

We deliver the audio message based on your triggers

More than 300,000,000 Americans listen to ad support versions of premium streaming audio platforms including Spotify, Tune In, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. Audiohook handles 100% of all the automations so you can rest easy knowing that your audio messages are being sent to the right people based on the triggers you choose.

Reporting Dashboard

See the Performance

Track the performance of your audio messages just like you do with email.  Verify delivery, message completion, direct clicks, view through website visits, and more.  Audio Hook delivers the same granularity that you've come to know and love from email.

Of course this is just the basics.  Take reporting to the next level by Integrating analytics with your existing marketing dashboards, setup webhooks, or leverage our RESTful api.

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