Streaming Music & Audio Advertising

By placing ads in radio streaming services, podcasts, and other audio platforms, you have a unique opportunity to reach consumers without the need for a screen.

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Advertising has never been more segmented, which means you have a chance to meet your audience right where they’re already spending their time. If you’re sticking to print advertisements, billboards, and TV commercials, you’re missing a chance to modernize and boost your marketing efforts.

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The Future of Audio Advertising

Streaming music advertising is the future of marketing, with 28% of American adults streaming music using online radio services. These services are far more customizable than any traditional media platform, meaning listeners get to choose exactly what they listen to and where they want to listen. Whether they’re exercising, cooking, or working, they’re paying close attention to whatever they hear, because they’ve chosen the music that appeals specifically to them.

This gives advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to reach customers in a more effective way. These platforms also provide a vast amount of data on each listener, allowing you to home in on your target audience like never before. Unlike traditional radio ads, which require a basic campaign targeted to a wide audience, streaming music advertising can be tied to demographics like age, gender, location, listening preferences, and so much more.

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Streaming Music Advertising Platforms

From popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora to smaller platforms like Tune-In and Triton Digital, there is a wealth of opportunities for streaming audio advertising. Each platform comes with its own benefits, so it's up to you to choose the option that best fits your brand. 

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Streaming music advertising is only going to grow over the next few years, with on-demand music streaming hitting more than 500 billion in 2019—a 31.6% increase from the year before. If you’re ready to learn more about streaming audio advertising, check out a live demo of Audiohook now. Our platform makes it easy for all types of businesses to create targeted streaming audio ads that work. Sign up today and start taking your advertising to the next level.

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