Spotify Audio Advertising

By placing ads in radio streaming services, podcasts, and other audio platforms, you have a unique opportunity to reach consumers without the need for a screen.

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Spotify Audio Ads

Streaming audio has never been more popular, and Spotify has grown from a music streaming service to encompass 50 million songs, 500,000 podcasts, countless audiobooks, and other types of audio entertainment. Even The Joe Rogan Experience, one of the top 3 podcasts on iTunes, can now be streamed on Spotify, showing how the platform has upped its game when it comes to audio streaming.

Fortunately for those looking to reach their target audience through audio ads, Spotify’s programmatic business has reached new heights, too. In just four years since its conception, Spotify’s audio ads now account for 20% of the company’s ad revenue. Are you ready to jump on board?

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Why Choose Spotify Ads?

With about 250 million active users every month, Spotify is an unparalleled choice for any companies looking to capitalize on audio advertising. Spotify ads can be targeted towards a country, state, city, or market area, and adjusted by range and gender.

Businesses can also utilize voice-enabled ads, allowing listeners to act on an advertisement with only their voice. With a powerful script and a clear message, any business can have success with Spotify programmatic ads.


Audiohook + Spotify = $$$

Take your advertising to the next level by leveraging Spotify ads with the Audiohook platform.  By using the Audiohook platform you can extend your targeting to include website retargeting, lookalike audiences, customer lists and more. 

Additionally, you can actually measure the actions taken as a direct response to the ads your customers listen to.  Calculate CAC, ROAS, LIFT, etc.

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If you’re ready to see how Spotify programmatic ads can give your company an incredible return on investment, sign up for Audiohook today. Our streamlined platform makes it easy to set up Spotify audio ads in just a few clicks.

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