Case Study: Techni Sport

by Kylie Williamson in
Thanks to Audiohook, we entered the world of programmatic audio. They provided us with a real-time tracking dashboard and delivered the highest ROAS we’ve seen! We are happy to be an Audiohook client!

-Martina Slavcheva, Digital Marketing Manager

The Techni Sport Story:

Techni Sport is a high-quality gaming brand. They offer everything from gaming chairs to desks to accessories to fit every need. With more and more people spending time at home the past year, there is a need for past-times and gaming seems to be a growing hobby amongst many. Since the gaming community is having a surge in participants, Techni Sport knew there wasn't a better time to get their name out there.

On Spotify there is a playlist titled "Top Gaming Tracks" with over 1.48M followers, along with other gaming playlists. Techni Sport found their audience with ease due to the amount of gamers who are on Spotify, let alone the many other streaming platforms Audiohook uses. It was apparent Techni Sport would reach a larger audience with digital audio since their brand would be heard while gamers are playing.

When Techni Sport and Audiohook got together to talk about their results of the case study both were blown away with their ROAS. They exceeded well over their goal. Techni Sport was impressed with how well their ad did and is keeping digital audio advertising in their rotation. Audiohook uses many streaming platforms such as Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, Spotify, and more.


  • Had a goal of 12x and finished with 28x.
  • Finished with a 5% conversion rate.

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