Reach your audience in a way only audio can.  Getting started is as easy as choosing a trigger and adding the text of your message.  Audiohook supports a wide range of triggers which are discussed below.

A Trigger for Every Situation

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CRM Trigger

CRM Triggers

In an era where customers are doing more research than ever and having less interaction with sales teams, marrying your CRM with your marketing automation platform can be a powerful combination.  Audiohook enables marketers to extend that automation to audio and setup triggers when:

  • A new lead is added to your CRM
  • When a deal reaches a specific milestone in your CRM
  • When a new task is added in your CRM
Email Triggers

Email Triggers

Email is the original gangster when it comes to marketing automation. However, cutting through the noise of email can be difficult at times. Audiohook enables marketers to improve the outcome of their email campaigns when paired with audio.  Common email triggers include:

  • When a link in an email is clicked
  • Before a follow up email is sent
  • When an email is opened
Website Trigger

Website Triggers

For many businesses, a company's website is their modern day storefront.  Audiohook enables marketers to send these buyers audio messages at specific milestones in their journey.  A few common website triggers include:

  • When a shopper abandons their cart
  • When a shopper purchases a product
  • When a shopper views a product

Location Triggers

Location Triggers

Add the power of location to your marketing automation.  Whether its people visiting your physical location, people visiting competitors, or even just points of interest. Audiohook enables marketers to send these consumers audio messages. A few common triggers include:

  • Nearby consumers at lunch time
  • Consumers as they enter your store
  • Decision makers attending an industry conference
Custom Triggers

Custom Triggers

Part of the magic of marketing automation, is that you can create triggers based on almost anything your mind can image.  What's more is while the possibilities are somewhat limitless, integrating these custom triggers are as simple as a common webhook. Whatever the use case, Audiohook enabled marketers to send powerful audio messages based on their businesses specific needs.  A few examples include:

  • Failed credit card charge
  • Launch of a new product
  • Upcoming contract renewals

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