Case Study: Pond King

by Kylie Williamson in
Working with Audiohook couldn’t have been easier. They were helpful developing a script, had a great talent pool, and got us on air almost immediately. That, combined with it's track-ability, will make Audiohook my go-to-source for all our audio-marketing needs. 

-Veronica Williams, Director of Marketing & Special Projects

The Pond King Story:

Pond King is a DIY pontoon boat and fishing dock brand. Since they have such a niche product, they knew they needed a creative way to advertise. Audiohook created a unique script for Pond King to make sure it was perfect for their consumers. Digital audio advertising is personalized and fast-paced from script writing to being aired. Unlike social media and online advertising, digital audio is not time consuming.

When using social media to advertise a lot of research is needed in order to find the right audience. Another con is replying to comments on posts takes a lot of time and effort; all of this doesn't even guarantee the right audience is being reached or engaging. Digital audio is trackable and able to show data for website visits and fully listened to ads to make sure the right market is being met.

Pond King and Audiohook partnered together with the goal of building a lookalike audience and gaining website visits. Because of their personalized ad they were able to reach the market needed to build a larger group of consumers. Audiohook advertises on most streaming platforms such as SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Pandora, and many more!


  • 29,459 ads were placed.
  • The average cost per website session was $0.12.
  • Pond King ended with 4,566 unique listeners. 

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