Podcast Audio Advertising

By placing ads in radio streaming services, podcasts, and other audio platforms, you have a unique opportunity to reach consumers without the need for a screen.

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Podcast Programmatic Advertising

Since the birth of podcasts in 2004, this form of media has skyrocketed in popularity, with 32% of Americans tuning into a podcast at least once a month—while commuting to work, taking a walk, doing chores, and more.

Today, there’s a podcast for everything, from pop culture and politics to meditation and martial arts. In fact, there are more than 550,000 active shows on Apple Podcasts alone. And with so many niche podcasts out there, companies have a huge opportunity to reach their target market using podcast programmatic advertising.

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Targeting Your Audience with Podcast Ads

As consumers move from listening to traditional radio to digital audio, podcast advertising is more relevant than ever. Podcast ads allow companies to deliver their message to an audience whittled down by demographics such as age, gender, hobbies and interests, and more. This allows brands to get detailed insights and continuously improve their ads to reach the target market more effectively.

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Benefits of Podcast Advertising

Podcast ads are unique because listeners are extremely focused on the content. They’re not usually not engaging with any other media while listening, and they’ll pay close attention to whatever they hear while the podcast is on.

Podcasts also offer a more intimate user experience, since listeners often tune in with headphones and feel a close bond with the podcast hosts. Listeners also have no chance to block ads like they could with traditional display ads, meaning you have a much better chance of reaching an engaged audience who converts.

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