Case Study: Patricia Nash Designs  

by Kylie Williamson in
We were very pleased with our Audiohook case study and have already added a line item to our budget to continue these ads throughout the next year! Customer support and communication has been excellent and we look forward to growing our business with Audiohook.

-Jennifer Evans, Vice President of Operations and General Counsel

The Patricia Nash Designs Story:

Patricia Nash Designs, a high-end leather handbag and accessories brand, has a unique variety of products. They cater to everyone with bags from purses to briefcases. There is a significant amount of similar companies and Patricia Nash Designs knew they needed an exceptional ad to match their brand. Audiohook's digital audio advertising was able to meet their needs.

People are good listeners, and luckily over 50% of Millennials and Gen Z listen to digital audio every day. This means there is always someone listening, resulting in a larger chance of your ad being heard. Audiohook has proven audio advertising is the way to go since the results for Patricia Nash Design went over their initial goal.

Audiohook met with Patricia Nash Designs' team and decided they wanted to focus their tracking on their website visitors per day and finding their lookalike audience. Down below are their results which Audiohook provides with real-time tracking. Audiohook streams on TuneIn, Podcasts, Pandora and many more platforms.


  • Finished with 4.63 ROAS with a goal of 4.
  • Averaged 177 website visitors per day.
  • 34,862 completed ads placed.
  • 8,752 unique listeners. 

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