Off Road Tents: Case Study

by Kylie Williamson in November 20th, 2020
I had no idea how useful ads through radio and mobile music platforms like Spotify could be. When I was contacted by Audiohook we decided to roll the dice and see. The results were very clear from the start. We had around 200 new sessions PER DAY, which is quite a few, and the revenue it brought in sales was more than expected. I think it’s been a very pleasant discovery into what resonates with our customer base, through an advertising channel we hadn’t considered exploring. Add to that the great service provided by the guys from Audiohook, and I can only say good things about it. When you open up to new opportunities, you end up discovering great things!

-Gianluca Boncompagni, Co- Founder

The Off Road Tents Story

Off Road Tents was started by two friends who love outdoor adventures. They realized there is a need for quality, and affordable camping gear. Off Road Tents has both an online store and a physical store in Wyoming. They needed to market both to reach more consumers. Like many, they were dependent on online marketing. They weren't getting the returns they needed, so they turned to Audiohook for help.

When using social media advertising, businesses have to rely on gaining followers, maintaining content, and figuring out quality posts. If businesses are unable to reach a large following, they are being seen by the same people, rather than a new group of potential customers. Digital audio marketing is able to reach more listeners, because it is on-the-go. Mostly everyone listens to some kind of streaming platform when doing activities. Off Road Tents is a company on-the-go so it only made sense for them to partner with Audiohook for advertising.

Once Audiohook and Off Road Tents talked it was decided digital audio would make the most impact to reach consumers. Their consumers are on-the-go adventurers . Once they reached their listeners, website visits and purchases increased, as well as in-person shoppers. These results were immediate. Audiohook uses many streaming platforms to reach potential consumers.

The Results:

  • Off Road Tents reached over 4,000 listeners.
  • They received over 31,000 fully listened ads.
  • They ended with 15.21 ROAS.

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