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Spotify Advertising

Spotify has around 250 million monthly users making advertising there an excellent choice for a lot of companies. Features such as local geo-targeting and demographic-specific audiences can help businesses of every size find more leads and conversions from Spotify ads. 

Audiohook has excellent management systems and personal to help you maximize your return on investment with Spotify advertising.

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Podcast Audio Advertising

Podcasts have increased in popularity steadily over the last decade. Today, nearly 32% of Americans tune into a podcast at least once per month.

This growth has brought a lot of opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences within specific communities, as well as reach new audiences in different communities.

Audiohook will help you determine which podcasts to advertise on as well as execute an effective advertising strategy.

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iHeartRadio Audio Advertising

With over 144 Million active users, iHeartRadio is an excellent way to reach new and existing audiences through digital audio advertising. We will help you carefully craft your advertising campaign to maximize your return on investment. Contact us to learn more about advertising with us on iHeartRadio.

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Pandora Audio Advertising

We will help you reach the 60 million users on Pandora via our audio advertising strategy. Pandora is an excellent opportunity to target specific groups of individuals, which helps you maximize your ROI. Contact us to get your next campaign started.

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Digital Audio Advertising

Though many companies still choose to run traditional radio ads, digital audio advertising has speedily overtaken radio as the most effective way to reach today’s consumers. Traditional radio is more difficult to access and offers less control. But digital audio is accessible from anywhere in the world and allows users to customize their listening experience, so they get to hear whatever they want, when they want it.

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Programmatic Audio Advertising

Are you looking for ways to reach the majority of America’s population over the age of 12? Programmatic audio advertising is one of the most effective and affordable ways to get your brand in front of your target audience. 

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Streaming Music & Audio Advertising

Streaming music advertising is the future of marketing, with 28% of American adults streaming music using online radio services. These services are far more customizable than any traditional media platform, meaning listeners get to choose exactly what they listen to and where they want to listen.

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