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Free VAST Audio Ad Server

Trying to run an audio campaigns but need an audio ad server? Or trying to simply verify that analytics from a partner serving audio ads are accurate. We get it, we are here to help.

Audiohook is a demand side platform focused exclusively on audio. Moreover, we pride ourselves on high performance campaigns.

We believe that audio is arguably the most performant medium for marketers and as such, we want to make it easier to marketers to leverage. To that end, we provide brands and agencies with with a super easy and free way to serve audio ads. Simply upload your ad and details below, and we'll automatically send you a VAST wrapper that you can run anywhere.

Easiest Setup Ever

Fill out the form below and we'll automatically email you a VAST wrapper that you can run anywhere. That's it. No credit cards, no passwords, no fuss.

  • How much will I be charged?

    You won't be charged for using Audiohook's ad server. This is a free service.

  • Is our ad serving data private?

    Of course.

  • What's the catch?

    There is no catch. When we started helping marketers and brands that we worked with, we realized that serving a simple audio ad wasn't so easy. Most low cost ad servers like adbutler don't support audio and we didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on an overkill expensive setup. So as we built tools, we wanted to make them available to other team. Enjoy.

  • What platforms do you integrate with?

    Audiohook's ad server supports VAST standards. As a result, our ad server integrates with nearly any platform that you can purchase audio through.

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