Digital Audio Advertising

By placing ads in radio streaming services, podcasts, and other audio platforms, you have a unique opportunity to reach consumers without the need for a screen.

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Digital Audio Ads

Though many companies still choose to run traditional radio ads, digital audio advertising has speedily overtaken radio as the most effective way to reach today’s consumers. Traditional radio is more difficult to access and offers less control. But digital audio is accessible from anywhere in the world and allows users to customize their listening experience, so they get to hear whatever they want, when they want it.

Consumers can choose from dozens of radio streaming platforms, live talk programming, podcasts, sports updates, and more when they opt for a digital platform. So it’s no surprise that 204 million Americans spend time listening to digital audio—and that advertisers are taking notice.

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Benefits of Digital Audio Ads

There are many benefits of digital audio advertising. For example, they:

  • Offer companies a chance to target their audience in a more specific, customized way
  • Can be tailored using dozens of demographics, from location and time of day to listening preferences and hobbies
  • Can reach listeners from a desktop computer, mobile device, or smart speaker
  • Can carry a message to consumers while they’re exercising, boating, working, or simply lounging at home

Today's Digital Audio Advertising

Today’s digital audio ads are data-driven, meaning companies always have the chance to fine-tune their content and create more effective, enticing ads. Digital audio ads can even be personalized to boost engagement and increase conversions.

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