Case Study: Slate Milk 

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Audiohook is a joy to work with. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and results oriented. We were extremely happy with the ROAS we were able to hit on their platform and are looking forward to a continued partnership. Highly recommend!

-Nick Shanman, E-Commerce Manager

The Slate Milk Story:

Slate Milk is a modern and adult oriented chocolate milk brand. Before their first official year of business in 2020, Slate Milk’s goal was to change chocolate milk. They strived to turn chocolate milk into a high-protein, lactose-free, and low sugar beverage for adults and the health conscious. When Audiohook and Slate Milk got together to go over a strategy Slate Milk's team confessed they were hesitant about the digital audio channel. They didn’t know much about audio advertising, and mostly worked with ecommerce marketing and a digital ecosystem. 

They were struggling to reach their target audience of active millennials and parents. Using mostly Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, they realized it would be easier to reach their on-the-go audience, well, while they were on-the-go. The social channels they were using before weren't bringing in the results they hoped for. Before digital audio they had a hard time figuring out a good strategy to scale up quickly. Slate Milk ran a two month campaign with Audiohook and was finally able to reach their on-the-go target audience and scale rapidly. 

At the end of their two month campaign, Slate Milk decided digital audio was one of the best ways for their brand to reach the right audience. They have since jumped into the podcast world to target those who are listening to fitness podcasts. With Audiohook the Slate Milk team was able to see where their purchases and lookalike audience were coming from. With Audiohook we help brands understand their campaign, see information across different platforms and learn how everything works with digital audio. Slate Milk was more than pleased with their results and experience with Audiohook. Audiohook advertises on many large streaming platforms, podcasts, and the radio


  • Over 18,600 completed ads
  • Reached over 2,400 listeners
  • Finished with a 2.4 ROAS

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