Case Study: Life Pro Fitness

by Kylie Williamson in

Working with Audiohook was a great experience. Their team helped us create our own audio ad and streamlined the process for getting it set up with the VO artist. Once everything was set up we had weekly check-ins to go over performance and ask any questions regarding important metrics. Thanks to audiohook we ran a successful campaign and saw the potential in audio advertising. 

-Briana Gibson, Head of Marketing

The Life Pro Fitness Story:

Life Pro Fitness is a fitness equipment brand developed by two friends who were disappointed in other equipment on the market. They created products that can help with in-home rehab, health goals, and overall well-being. Life Pro Fitness was struggling to expand their audience. They had a good base of in-home rehab customers, but needed to widen their target audience to those who wanted to focus on fitness goals. Digital audio advertising with Audiohook gave Life Pro Fitness the opportunity to reach their new audience. 

Life Pro Fitness was using basic marketing tactics, such as paid searches, social media, and word of mouth. These were working fine when they first started, but slowly plateaued. Audiohook and Life Pro Fitness decided an ad focused on fitness would be best, so Audiohook could have the ad played to the correct listeners. Life Pro Fitness realized how easy it was to reach their desired audience with digital audio. 

Audio advertising with Audiohook made it so Life Pro Fitness could grow and obtain their new target audience quickly. Their case study ended with significant website clicks, purchases, and fully listened to ads. Audiohook made it so Life Pro Fitness could see where their audience was with real-time tracking. Audiohook advertises on streaming platforms like Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more. They also advertise on podcasts and the radio.


  • Finished with 17x with a goal of 6x.
  • Reached over 2,500 listeners.
  • Over 7,800 fully listened to ads.

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