Case Study: Grandma Lucy's 

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Audiohook gave us the push we needed to branch into audio advertising. They helped us every step of the way from writing a script, timing with our voice recording, background music, and most important understanding how the ad was performing. Audiohook excelled in providing us an in-depth understanding of each part of the reporting. They also helped us with ideas on how our ad could perform better in the future. This is a great method of marketing that is currently underused by many companies. Thank you for a great first time experimenting with audio advertising! 

-Brian Butler, Director of Sales

Grandma Lucy's Story:

Grandma Lucy's is a family-owned organic, oven-baked dog treat company. They care about what their furry friends are eating. Being such a unique brand, they needed a unique ad. They decided to dive into digital audio advertising. Because digital audio is customizable, they were involved and able to choose every step of the process.

When marketing on other medias there are usually some kind of restrictions with a template, word limit, or lack creativity. Audio advertising does not have a template, therefore there is complete freedom with the ad. It can be as creative as a story, or professional and clinical. The only restraint with audio ads are they are 30 second spots. This worked perfectly for Grandma Lucy's though, because they knew the information they wanted to convey and worked with Audiohook for the entirety of the ad.

Grandma Lucy's was most interested in their final reportings. Audiohook provided every report and results coming from their aired ad. Grandma Lucy's finished results were over their goal, and gave them information on what to do from then on. Using Audiohook gives brands a larger platform to be heard, such as Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and many more.


  • Finished with 3 ROAS.
  • Had 36 attributed orders.
  • Over 32,000 impressions played.

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