Case Study: Qstomize

by Kylie Williamson in
As an owner of a large eCommerce company, we are always looking for new marketing channels. We’ve tried just about every platform out there but audio ads was totally new for us. By utilizing Audiohook's technology we were able to get our audio ads streamed on on premium streaming stations and seeing very high ROI on our marketing spend.

-Tomer Nahumi, CEO & Co-Founder

The Qstomize Story:

Qstomize works with thousands of businesses, vendors, and private customers around the globe to create customized products. Qstomize is dedicated to get to know each one of their clients in order to provide the best product possible. Since Qstomize has many working parts, they felt the need for better advertising to keep building their platform. In the past Qstomize relied on Facebook, YouTube, and Google searches to reach their audience.

Qstomize saw themselves getting lost in the Google sea and decided to work with Audiohook. Digital audio advertising has already given them the returns they desired. Qstomize saw incredible results within their first month. They began to see an increase in not only traffic, website clicks, but most importantly in sales. Qstomize is able to track, and follow where their listeners are, and who is ultimately making purchases.

After sitting down with the Qstomize team if was apparent they needed to widen their market, and digital audio achieved that goal for them. Audiohook helped Qstomize reach a larger market and provide real-time data. Audiohook advertises on Spotify, Pandora, local radio stations, and many other platforms!


  • Qstomize finished with 3.30 ROAS.
  • Over 34,000 fully listened to ads.
  • Qstomize's ad reached over 4,300 listeners.

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