Case Study: Beardbrand

by Jordan Bentley in November 1st, 2020
Audiohook quickly and effectively opened up the audio streaming advertising space for Beardbrand at a cost aligned with our goals. Their service eliminated the complex barriers to entry associated with audio advertising, unlocking a new growth channel for our business. If you’re looking to expand your business’s advertising reach, it’s a no-brainer decision to try out Audiohook.
- James Wilson, Growth Marketing Manager

The Beardbrand Story

Beardbrand's goal from day one was to give men the tools to grow their beards confidently with beard oils, styling waxes, and kits. Along with hair and body care, Beardbrand has many great products to market, but when it came to marketing and advertising they were using YouTube, Tumblr, and blogging. Surprisingly, social media and search ads are only seen for a short amount of time and then lost in the sea of other ads. They decided to give digital audio a try in order to grow profitability.

 There are 204 million digital audio listeners in the US alone. Audio advertising doesn't overwhelm listeners, since they are only listening to one ad at a time. This makes it so listeners are solely paying attention to the ad, and better retaining the information. Beardbrand partnered with Audiohook to help them leverage the abilities of digital audio to reach new customers, return customers and ultimately grow their brand.

After meeting with the Beardbrand team, it was evident that they needed to reach a lookalike audience. Since they have a specific consumer it was decided that they would need to reach new customers via website visitors to As new potential customers were driven to the website, Audiohook would leverage a retargeting strategy to help ensure customers didn't just visit the website, but ultimately made a purchase. Audiohook built these audiences dynamically in real time, reaching them on a wide range of audio platforms, including Spotify, iHeartRadio, and SoundCloud.

The Results

  • The campaign exceeded the ROAS target set by Beardbrand
  • The initial campaign drove over 6,400 website views.
  • Beardbrand was able to accurately optimize the campaign based on the audio publishers that performed the best without the need for promo codes

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